Snatched from Satanism

“Stay a while” – the schoolboy ignored his kind grandmother’s plea and cursed her before storming out of the bedroom.

Christopher Smuts
Christopher is no longer depressed.

Christopher Smuts, aged 14 at the time, had studied Satanism and decided to "sell [his] soul to Satan", by praying a prayer of commitment to the devil the next day, May_25, 1999.

"My plan had been to talk to people involved in Satanism the next day, and when I came home after school, to pray to Satan and say that I accepted him as my god."

Events that night turned the boy's life upside down. Christopher, now 33, still suffers grief as he remembers how his father woke him up at 5_am. His grandmother had been found dead in her bed. She had died in her sleep.

Christopher recalls: "It was the biggest shock I've ever had! She helped me grow up, fed me, helped me with homework, and too many other things to mention. Now she was dead and how was she going to say goodbye to me!? It still breaks my heart when I think about it! They took her body away and I was alone.

"Ouma was a true child of God. It was she who taught me to pray before going to sleep. I still remember in detail how she told me Bible stories when I was younger.

"When she called me to her room, the night she died, she said: 'No, my child. Do not shout at your parents. You are a Christian and...' but I interrupted her and said: 'No Ouma, not me! I do not want to know anything about Jesus.'

"I know that she always prayed for me and I believe she did before she died, even though I did not hear it myself. I know she wears the pearls [is rewarded in heaven] for my rebirth."

won! And
Him I won!

Christopher works as an administrator for a mobile business in Mossel Bay, South Africa. When he was younger, the loneliness he mentions was a factor in his drive towards Satanism. Depression was another issue.

He said: "I grew up in a Christian home. My grandmothers told me a lot about Jesus and I always went to church with my parents.

"But in my primary school years I was very depressed. I always sat alone at school and was always in the house. I did not have friends because I was too scared of others. When I saw people approaching, I walked the other way because I was afraid of being bullied again. I often asked myself how long before I commit suicide."

Christopher befriended another boy who taught him to smoke and they enjoyed pornographic magazines and videos together. He got to know similar friends and felt a thrill by doing wrong things.

"I thought the more I do bad things, the better it would go with me. Then my friend was caught red-handed when he stole and he was locked up."

Christopher attended a Christian Youth Association meeting and decided to accept a man's challenge to "give Jesus only one chance and He will change your life". Yet he backtracked when his mother disciplined him and, in his own words, "I decided I did not want to do anything with Jesus".

Christopher with his ouma
Christopher Smuts’ with his ouma, whose death arrested his plan to join satanism.

The boy smoked "everything I could get to smoke" and "did everything I could do wrong". He bullied others and listened to devil-worshipping music, "just to humiliate Jesus". He also tried to hang himself but his right foot got stuck and he was freed from the noose.

"More than once I just stopped what I was doing and in my mind I heard: 'He loves you!' But I fought against it and believed Christianity is a lie. With time I told myself 'I know I'm going to hell, so why don't I become a Satanist and then I can rule with Satan when I get there?'

"I knew people at school who were associated with Satanism. It was my decision - I would be a Satan worshipper!"

The death of his grandmother however changed everything. The sad event brought Chris to his knees.

He said: "On May 25, 1999, the day I would become a Satanist, I fell to my knees saying: 'Here I am, dear Jesus! You wanted me, so here I am now! I give my whole life to You and no matter what happens, I will not go away from You again'.

"I was overpriced, I broke away and hid when He knocked at my door, but He kept knocking and He won! And through Him I won!"

Christopher burnt his porn collection, stopped smoking and started reading the Bible. His depression disappeared and he found new, healthier friends. He grew in faith and now attends New Life Church in the town where he lives.

Christopher adds: "I will testify until my death that Jesus is the *true Saviour and that the Bible is the full truth! All glory to God! Hallelujah!"

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