A father’s care

Khistofa Makawa
Khistofa Makawa

Christopher Makawa's father was deeply troubled by his son's behaviour, and one day sat down with Christopher to confront him about his life.

His father was a deacon in the Christian Brethren church and knew the Gospel truth about forgiveness to be found in Jesus Christ. He wanted Christopher to know this forgiveness.

As a youth Christopher had caused trouble among his friends, often fighting and even stealing from them. Soon he was living an immoral life and was unable to look after money which led to many problems with debt.

His life was out of control, and he was unable to help himself to get out of his sinful habits.

Christopher had no time for spiritual things. He recalls, "I thought about God just because I was born into a Christian family, and my parents used to take me to church to pray on Sundays."

The Bible is very clear that having parents who trust in God does not make their child right before God. 'All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,' records Romans 3:23.

Christopher began to be troubled by his behaviour, and became deeply unsatisfied. "I was a lost person," he confesses.

To explain to Christopher what was wrong in his life, his father turned in his Bible that evening to the first letter of John, chapter 3 and verse 8, which says, 'Whoever makes a practice of sinning is of the devil, for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil.'

Christopher explains what happened when he realised the truth this verse was telling him, "When I heard this message I was convicted about my life (of doing wrong), then I repented of my sin and asked God that he should forgive me. Later I asked the Lord Jesus to enter into my heart (by praying to him)."

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"I heard the Gospel (the good news about forgiveness of sin) at my home that evening, as my father preached to our family," recalls Christopher. His father was in the daily habit of reading the Bible and praying with his family after evening meal in the home.

"I recognised my sin and immediately I realised that Jesus Christ died because of my sins on that cross so that I should have life." He continues, "Following the devil you become a slave to sin and you cannot please God. I chose to become a Christian because there is everlasting life (true spiritual life) and worship which is true."

How does Christopher Makawa know that he is right before a holy God?

He explains how he saw his life begin to change, something which he had been unable to do in his own strength before he trusted in Jesus Christ.

"I just asked God to start ruling my heart," he tells us. "Immediately after that I began to love my enemies, and all the debts which I had not paid back—I started paying them! I gave help to my parents in various works."

"This made me realise that I am now a (true) Christian because my life is changed completely!"

Further proof that salvation from his sin has changed Christopher's life is that he now is fearlessly keen to tell others about the wonderful forgiveness found in Jesus Christ.

Some people asked Christopher to leave his church and join them in a different denomination, tempting him by offering him a car if he would join them.

However, wealth and possessions are nothing when compared to the freedom which is in Jesus Christ. Wisely he chose not to be snared in the trap which the enemy Satan was setting for him.

He says, "The (Bible) verse which has helped me a lot is Ephesians 5:15 which says, 'Look carefully how you walk (behave), not as unwise, but as wise.'"

"Make the choice of accepting Jesus Christ now, because when we are in problems Jesus does not run away, he gives peace! Satan just comes to us for a short time and when we are in trouble he runs away from us," concludes Christopher.

How wise it was for Christopher's father to share his faith in God with his son; it changed his son's life forever. A father has a big responsibility before God to bring up his children to the glory of God.