By Chris Eyte

Autistic, suicidal teen finds purpose

Kyle Eldridge
Kyle Eldridge

Angry, confused and ready to hurt - the teenager flashed the knife blade at his own father and beckoned for him to get closer, so that he could stab him.

There was already blood on the floor. Kyle Eldridge, an ACD (autism) and OCD sufferer, had cut his own knee with his mind 'not functioning properly'.

His father backed away and called the police. Kyle was coaxed into an ambulance and taken to Hillingdon Psychiatric Hospital, followed by St Charles Urgent Care Centre, where he was sectioned for two days.

"I came to the hospital and they said take off your shoes, to make sure I had no weapons on me," recalled Kyle. "It was a very tense situation and frightening. There were alarms going off all the time and I was under strict observation."

“It is the
decision i
have made”
It was the finale for Kyle, now aged 20, and originally from Kettering, who had been

living for months in a rough area of London with his dad and brother. His parents had separated after an altercation. Kyle had become a confused, suicidal boy, who slept with a knife under his pillow and spent time trying to pluck up the courage to slit his own throat.

"I didn't want to live anymore," he said. "I had tried to start college but I wasn't doing so well. I was assaulted at an education centre. I had a nervous breakdown and hadn't gone out for three months. I used to get up at night and sleep during the day. I didn't even wash for weeks and I was paranoid and fearful."

The argument with his dad came when Kyle tried to pack and leave London. His mum was living in Wales and had become a Christian.

"I was going to slit my throat when I felt the Holy Spirit say something to me one time. I took the knife away from myself and said, 'I'm going to Wales to become a Christian'. I felt God tell me to go to Wales for salvation."

After he was released from hospital, Kyle's support team agreed to his request to go to Abergavenny in Wales, where his mum lived. Gateway Church in the town had been praying for him and one day he visited Father's Arms, an outreach cafe, where he was asked, "Do you want Jesus in your life?"

Kyle said: "I gave my life to the Lord. It felt really good and the foundations were growing."

Kyle still had his struggles with being verbally abusive to people. Yet support from church members and other local organisations have helped him. He is now calmer and has even gained awards at college for catering and business, as well as work experience at a shoe shop.

Kyle said: "In knowing Jesus, it has been the most glorious decision I have ever made in my entire life. It gave my broken life rebirth. Jesus has made all the positive things in my life become a reality. I see my destiny is clear to serve Him."

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