Peace in the midst of attack


Daniel was part of an army unit that was called up for army deployment to Iraq in 2009. He was angry and scared by the call up and felt betrayed by God.

He had decided to become a Christian two years earlier and was baptised [immersed in water] as a sign of that decision to die to himself and live for Jesus Christ. Daniel shares in a YouTube video that at first he read the Bible a lot and liked to spend time with other Christians.

However, his faith proved small when it faced the test of deployment in a war zone.

During that whole time in Iraq, Daniel says that he didn't touch the Bible or make friends with other Christians.

"I did not really do anything a believer should do," he confesses sadly.

Then one day Daniel and another solider were walking back towards their barracks from off-duty when warning sirens started going off, which meant that the enemy was attacking their base.

The two men ran into a ditch, trying to hide from the gunfire.

"I remember praying to God, saying, 'Lord, just save me from this situation! If you save me from this, I will do anything. I will give myself to You,'" Daniel recalls.

The thought of Bible school somehow came into his head. Daniel thought, "Bible school, yeah, I will do that, whatever, just save me from this!"

"Immediately after I had prayed, I just felt this sense of peace," Daniel says. "Outwardly, the situation did not look good. We were being attacked, I might die, but inwardly, I did not care. I had this inward sense of peace that the Lord was with me!"

In fact, Daniel felt so peaceful that he began flossing his teeth!

"My buddy next to me was just like, 'Are you going crazy? We are getting attacked! What are you doing?'" Daniel laughs. "But I did not care. I felt peaceful."

After the attack, Daniel remembered the experience as an answer to prayer. So, when his tour of duty ended, he completed college, receiving a bachelor's degree and applied to Bible school.

"I'm currently in my second term and I feel that that was the best decision I have ever made in my life," Daniel finishes with a smile.

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