Atheists ‘steal from God’

Stealing from God

If you think atheists have reason, evidence, and science on their side, think again! Christian speaker and apologist Frank Turek argues that atheists can't make their case without appealing to realities only theism can explain.

In his new book, Stealing From God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case, Frank argues that much of the reasoning put forth to disprove God is fundamentally contradictory.

Talking about the book in a new engaging video posted to his Facebook page, Frank addresses the logical framework commonly used by atheists by taking us through a simple acronym: CRIMES - Causality, Reason, Information and Intentionality, Morality, Evil and Science.

1. Causality

"Why is the universe so orderly, if there is no God, no mind out there ordering all this?" Frank asks. "Why are the natural laws and forces so consistent? Because there is a mind behind them. When atheists use this to try and disprove God, they are actually stealing from God to argue against Him."

2. Reason

"If we are just molecules in motion, and there is no immaterial realm, how does reason exist? We're just reacting. We're nothing but moist robots," he explains. "So, ironically, atheists who claim to be beacons of reason have made reason impossible by their worldview of materialism."

3. Information and Intentionality

Frank says information is the "idea that there is a message, and where there is a message it always comes from a mind."

But, he notes, the "greatest message that's ever been discovered is in the human genome — and [atheists] are saying that message doesn't come from a mind!"

"They write books filled with information, claiming information doesn't come from a mind," he says.

"Intentionality — it has to do with the idea that the world is goal-directed," Frank explains. "Why doesn't an acorn become a starfish? Because it's goal-directed to become an oak tree. Why do the planets go around the sun? Because of gravity? Yeah, but why is gravity doing what it does? If you go back far enough, you are ultimately going to arrive at a sustaining Creator who holds all this together."

4. Morality

"There can't be any objective right or wrong unless God exists. Atheists only have certain moral rights if God exists."

5. Evil

"They're saying there is too much evil in the world," Frank says. "Well, there can't be evil unless there's good, but there can't be good unless God exists. So, by complaining about evil, atheists are actually proving God exists. God, by definition, is the "ultimate standard of good."

6. Science

"The atheists are saying 'we are the champions of science.' Science is impossible if atheism is true," Frank says. "If materialistic atheism is true, and we are just moist robots, then we can't really know anything about the real world. We can't depend on the cause and effect nature of reality because there is no mind behind it."

If atheism is true, we have "no warrant to believe anything we learn from science. God makes science possible. So, when they are doing science, atheists are stealing from God in order to argue against Him."

Watch the full clip on Youtube or read Frank's book, available on Amazon.

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