The Jesus nut

Mention the words 'Jesus Nut' in 2019 and one first thinks of a person who walks with Jesus or at least talks a lot about Jesus.

Jesus nut

There are several kinds of popular nuts in modern engineering, all with different uses or advantages. There is the hex nut, jam nut, acorn nut, flange nut, square nut, coupling nut, wing nut, nyloc nut, slotted nut, keps nut, T nut, and castle nut.

But there is another nut, important in aviation. On top of the main shaft that holds the rotor on to some types of helicopters is the ‘Jesus nut’. The origin of the term is thought to be in the Vietnam War, when so many soldiers became familiar with helicopter travel. But it could go back to Igor Sikorsky when his mechanic used the term.

The weight of the whole machine and its load depends on the ‘Jesus nut’. They even sing songs about it.

In modern engineering the ‘Jesus nut’ has come to represent ‘a point of failure with catastrophic consequences.’

What could be more catastrophic than to lose one’s own soul? Jesus died in your place to bring us to God. He knocks at the door of your heart. We need to open the door and let Jesus come into our lives through prayer.

Our lives will crash without the ‘Jesus nut’.

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