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Birdsong organ an evolutionary puzzle


There is little in nature to compare to the beauty of bird song. For this, birds use a unique avian vocal organ called the syrinx located in their chest. Birds also have a larynx, which is what other animals and mammals use to make sounds, a voice box situated in the throat. But birds only use their syrinx to vocalize.

A new study trying to identify its evolutionary origin has come up short, confirming the syrinx is unique to birds, an evolutionary odd duck.

Most evolutionists say that birds evolved from dinosaurs. But the origin of the syrinx is squarely at odds with this notion, as no dinosaur has been found with a syrinx.

Rather, the 'oldest' known fossilised syrinx was found in a fully formed bird, the fossils of which are found with dinosaurs—Vegavis iaai, a member of the duck/geese created kind.

In short, said Chad Eliason, a co-first author of the study, "We don't know where that organ came from, how and why it evolved."

If only evolutionists would save themselves the trouble of trying to find evolutionary links.

We read in Genesis that birds were created according to their kinds on Day 5. This would have been complete with the syrinx, able to produce the majestic sounds God created them to make.

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