Cell chat changed his life

Khotso Setho
Khotso Setho

Khotso Setho believed a lie that ultimately landed him in jail. There his cellmate had some answers that changed his life.

Khotso was born into a town filled with crime and gangsters. However, despite this, he had the privilege of a good upbringing and was influenced by his mother who took him to church with her.

But when he was in primary school, he and his peers started smoking cigarettes. Later, when he joined a gang, he started using dagga and eventually heroin. "I started stealing things to fund my heroin and dagga use, and lying to my parents to hide my lifestyle," he admits.

One day, Khotso talked with a boy at school about God. The boy did not believe in God and convinced Khotso that God did not exist. "He told me that the Bible was just a story," he recounts; "so I became a non-believer."

As Khotso's drug addiction spiralled out of control, he became desperate for a means to support his habit. "I had no money for heroin," he says; "so I went to town. I saw two older people closing their house and leaving in their car. Then, I went to their house, broke down their back-door and went inside. I stole a jewellery box and a laptop."

However, Khotso was unaware of the CCTV surveillance in the house and so was caught by security guards. He was convicted for house breaking and theft and was sentenced to three years imprisonment.

Once behind bars, Khotso realised that something needed to change. He listened to people who visited the prison and preached the Gospel [good news of Jesus saving us from our sins].

Eager to learn more, Khotso talked to his cellmate and asked him questions about God. The answers to his questions changed his life. Then, he started going to the church services being run inside the prison.

Not long after, Khotso became a Christian by surrendering his life to Jesus and asking Him to forgive his sins. He was no longer an unbeliever in God.

"I now believe in God and in the Son of God, Jesus," he says. "Before I sleep I pray to God to help other people like me."

Khotso is so glad that he made the life-altering decision to trust in Jesus, "I know that God loves me. That is why He gave me His only Son, Jesus, to wash away my sins. Now I know that God lives in me."

His favourite Bible verse comes from John chapter 1 and verse 1; "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

To others who are struggling with pain and addiction, Khotso encourages: "You will be happy if you have a life that is surrendered to Jesus. You will enjoy enteral life with Him."

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