Healing for my heartache

Carol Round

Columnist and author Carol Round was listening to the TV one day while cleaning her house when she caught the phrase 'You find what you're looking for' and she remembered the Bible verse where God says, "You will find me when you seek me with all your heart." (Jeremiah 29:13)

It reminded Carol of when she finally got to that place in her own life. As she tells it:

Growing up, I faithfully attended church and participated in youth activities. As a married adult, I allowed the secular world to distract me from church attendance. After my sons were born, I wanted them to have the same foundation I'd experienced. Unfortunately, I later wandered away from my roots.

In my late 40s, God began a work in me. I was a believer but I wasn't a follower. I hadn't picked up my Bible in years.

When my 28-year marriage dissolved, I began to seek the Lord and understand the difference between knowing of God and having a personal relationship with Him. I remember that sunny, warm October afternoon in 2001 as if it were yesterday. I was struggling. I was distracted from a writing assignment I couldn't seem to complete. Taking a break, I decided to go for a walk by the lake.

Nearing a picnic area in our neighbourhood, I veered from my path to a concrete table, where I could sit and watch the geese sunning by the water. In spite of the day's beauty, an emptiness engulfed me, threatening to overwhelm the strides I'd made after my divorce.

For the first time, I prayed aloud. "God, I'm so lost. I need some direction. Please help me."

As I finished praying, a peace settled over me, surrounding me like the arms of a beloved friend enveloping me in a hug. That friend was Jesus.

As imperfect human beings, we tend to seek money, fame, people and entertainment as our end goals in life. Accumulating those things becomes our reason for living. We seek materialism over eternal life through our Saviour and Lord. But, as I discovered almost 18 years ago, it only leads to emptiness.

To experience true joy and add value to our lives, we must seek God, a God who wants an intimate relationship with His children. His promises for us outweigh any material gains we've made.

Matthew 6:33 says, "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

We don't have to struggle in this life. Striving to live a happy life through anything else but a relationship with Jesus only leads to captivity. We're never free until we seek His face and accept His amazing grace.

This article first appeared on www.assistnews.net and is used with permission.

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