Ex-abortion doctor changes his tune

Haywood Robinson and wife
Dr Haywood Robinson and his wife Noreen.

Dr Haywood Robinson used to be an abortionist. Lured by the profitability and thinking they were helping people in need, the doctor and his wife terminated hundreds of pregnancies in the United States.

But an encounter with Jesus Christ quite literally turned Haywood's beliefs on their head. Almost overnight he went from being a pro-choice abortionist to a pro-life advocate. His story_shows how a relationship with Jesus and insight into the medical world can fundamentally change how one views_abortion._

Haywood, 66, who recently became the Director of Medical Affairs and Education for pro-life group 40 Days for Life, told "The Pure Flix Podcast" about how his stunning transformation took place.

"I wanted to become a physician since the time I was about four or five years old," he said, noting that he grew up in South Central Los Angeles.

Haywood's passion for medicine spurred him on and he did his residency training close to his childhood home.

Haywood was trained in the 1970s after Roe v. Wade — the Supreme Court case that legalized abortion nationwide — became the law of the land.

"During that residency training ... is when I learned to do the abortion procedure — dilation and curettage," he said.

Discussion about the ethics of the procedures or instruction regarding alternatives was not part of the training. Performing abortion required so little effort, everyone was doing it, and they didn't seem to have a problem with it, so why should he?

"Abortion facilities were all over Southern California," he said. "I learned to do the procedure in 1978 and I spent three years training in family medicine."

He soon met Noreen, who would later become his wife and partner in the abortion clinic. As their relationship progressed, "moonlighting" together in abortion clinics became commonplace. Money became a motivator, as the pay was substantial.

The seeds for the change in both the Robinsons were first planted when they married and moved to a conservative area, a neighbourhood in which their abortion practice was less palatable.

"Being the community abortionist would not be something compatible with practicing in the community," Haywood said. "We no longer were involved with doing abortions though we still believed in it and we still referred patients to other doctors to do them."

One day in 1986, the couple went to a church concert. The preacher made a call for anyone who wanted to be "right with God," to stand up. Haywood was deeply moved.

Up until that point, he had never heard the gospel, the good news of forgiveness for our wrong doing, or what it meant to be a Christian.

"I just didn't know the truth of the gospel but I knew something was different," he said. That experience changed everything.

Haywood prayed and asked Jesus Christ to come into his life. This led to a transformation of his worldview and prompted him and his wife to leave the abortion industry entirely and to move into pro-life advocacy.

"God opened our eyes to how heinous this war against babies is and He launched us on a pro-life career," he said.

Haywood — who says he now believes doctors break "a great human trust" when they embrace abortion — explained how being an abortion doctor can lead to desensitization and a failure to realize the gravity of one's decisions.

"You become desensitized to the point where the physician dehumanizes that baby inside the uterus and it's no longer something that is precious in God's eyes — it's no longer a precious human life," he said.

He believes God has truly transformed him — and he offered a message to anyone else who might be looking for life-change.

"Jesus, He comes in [to your life] and He *shifts everything around," the doctor said. "We become a new creature. He transforms our mind and we line up with His word by His spirit, so it's new life."

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