From heroin to heroine

Maxine before (left) and after her time at Teen Challenge.

Maxine was trapped in heroin and cocaine addiction for 29 years that began after a trampoline accident in her teens. As her life spiralled out of control she lost any sense of identity and suffered from years of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression and PTSD.

She lost everything including her kids, her home and her relationship with her mum and family. When her father passed away she was unable to attend the funeral. She tried detox rehabs and was admitted on occasions to hospital and mental health institutes but nothing could fill the void she felt and she very quickly lapsed back into addiction.

At one stage she was so ill with septicaemia and pneumonia that she was given six months to live. She was in a state of total despair and hopelessness. In the chaos she cried out to God.

When the Teen Challenge City Outreach met Maxine, she was living in a homeless hostel in an area of Liverpool notorious for drugs, gang violence and prostitution.

She was visiting her community pastor and had found a pebble in the church grounds with HOPE inscribed on it. That same day hope was offered to Maxine! People had been praying for her and God had heard them.

Two years later Maxine has completed the Teen Challenge HOPE House residential programme, has achieved several certificates and courses. She is also finishing a refresher course in English and Maths and has applied for her Driving License!

She has full restoration with her mum, communication has opened with her two older children and the door has opened with her extended family – unheard off in the last seven years! An opportunity has arisen to work in a sensory room for adults and children with learning disabilities and challenges.

Maxine has gone from having no identity to an identity as a beloved child of God after receiving Jesus as her own personal Saviour. She gives Him all the glory, praise and thanks for all He has done in loving her and accepting her, lifting her out of the pit of sin and despair.

She is serving in her local church, reaching out to girls in a red light area in Leeds and travels back to Liverpool to tell others how Jesus can rescue them from the addictions they have got trapped in.

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