by Alan Bailey

Hope is still alive

open door

There is a force in the universe called entropy. It means that everything wears out, all energies are slowly winding down, nothing lasts forever. We live with this day after day. Our rubbish bins fill up, appliances die now and then, and the car is becoming old and tired, needing replacement.

But think how it affects our bodies. Day by day we age and draw away from youth and vigour, slowly making our way to age and its limitations. Recent months have brought us a loud alarm. The virus. It has changed our world and done untold damage. There seems to be added to this a wave of natural disasters, deep divisions among people of the same country, violent crime and for some places, continual war. Leaders of countries have been sorely tried and not all have handled things well.

All this seems to have cast a shadow over many lives. A feeling of hopelessness. The question arises, "Will we ever get out of such a mess?" People can be excused for thinking in this way, wondering what lies ahead for our grandchildren.

Hope is not lost

So much appears to be out of control. It does look that way. But the truth is that it is not. God is Sovereign Ruler. In the Bible, warnings abound regarding the way the world will go in its refusal to acknowledge His authority. Because God is shut out of our lives and out of our reckoning, trouble follows. The Bible points out that things will get worse toward the end of history. The times will be difficult and hope will seem to disappear completely.

But there is a way that leads to a place where entropy does not exist. It is God's plan to usher in a kingdom where there is peace and unbroken harmony. There is a reason why the present world goes on as it is. The human race is being given time. God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9). He has opened the way for us to enter His program if we will. On His part, He has shown great mercy. He sent Jesus, Son of God to take our place and pay for our sins. When Jesus rose from death, hope was assured. It is a hope that can never ever diminish.

The real life stories in this paper show how it is working out for many who have found life in Christ.

The door is open.

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