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Question: Starting to follow Jesus seems the right thing to do but I have so many ‘buts’.

Peter Meadows answers your questions about God

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Let's face it, weighing up a step that is this significant—letting God rule and reign in your life—can raise all sorts of fears and barriers. My guess is your hesitance could be down to one of the classic three 'buts'. Or maybe even all of them!

It may be – 'but I'll have to admit I was wrong'. It's been said: to err is human, to admit it is unlikely! Indeed, seeming to lose face with those we know well can be stomach churning.

But sometimes owning up to what is true is the only thing we can do and still maintain our integrity. And it's not simply about owning up that you've been driving north for an hour when you should have been heading south. This is a matter of life and death.

What's worse—to look foolish or to pass up the opportunity to become the person God created you to be?

It may be – 'but there's still so much I don't understand'. But how much more will be enough?

In some ways the step of faith you need to take is a lot like marriage. At some point my knowledge about my wife was enough for me to make an initial commitment to marry her. By saying "I will," I gave all I knew of myself—at the time—to all I knew of her—at the time. Looking back, I now see I didn't know much about either of us.

But the journey of discovery had begun and that is all God asks of us. The invitation is to a lifelong growing relationship.

It may be – 'but what will others think'. To lay ourselves open to snide remarks about having joined the God Squad or parked our brain is not any sane person's idea of fun.

But isn't it interesting that, in this present tolerant age, it is only following Jesus that evokes such scorn? You can get more respect for claiming you're the reincarnation of Napoleon's horse trainer.

Throughout history, many have suffered deeply for their belief in Jesus—losing their reputation, livelihood, home, family, friends, and even life itself.

They made their choice based on the belief that there is nothing too great to sacrifice in order to know the forgiveness and new life that Jesus offers.

Actually, Jesus spoke about 'sheep and goats'. The difference? Perhaps its that goats keep going 'but, but, but'. So how about becoming one of His sheep?