Sex Trafficker Finds forgiveness

Brandy Mokoena
Although Brandy Mokoena has committed many sins, she knows that Jesus has separated them from her as far as the east is from the west.

Brandy Mamohau Mokoena had issues with alcohol, drugs, and anger management, yet she informs Challenge that her biggest regret was getting involved in the sex trafficking trade.

She tells the story of her involvement leading up to her arrest: “I was a very bad person. I was a monster. I wanted to change but I thought that it was too late for change. I was a psycho. I sold a young girl to a person old enough to be her father. I am not proud of what I did. I have a lot of remorse about it. I destroyed a young girl’s future, which was very bad of me.”

However, Brandy’s look on life is much different now. “I asked for forgiveness and I knew God would forgive me. My emptiness was replaced with guidance, love, care, peace, joy, and salvation.”

Brandy says that she was raised in a Christian family who revered God and that she went to church as a young girl. Yet, when she was older she admits she did not want anything to do with her family’s faith. “I was very naughty. I would not listen to my parents’ guidance. I ran after friends who I preferred over my family. I went to taverns, I got into fights and I joined a group of gangsters.”

Brandy’s family tried their best to bring their daughter back to the church but she says that she always refused to go with them. “I avoided going to church. I hated the church. I did not know who God was. I always heard people talking about God but I did not know what they were talking about.

I was a
monster... I
have a lot
of remorse.

“At the time, I did not believe there was a God because I had never seen Him,” she adds. “I believed in my gangsters instead. I never had a hope or trust in Him. I used to mock people when they prayed. I was always negative. I thought, ‘I will never believe in spiritual things.’”

Brandy lists some of the things she did during her ‘wild-child’ days: “I was using alcohol and drugs. I was always telling lies. I was rude, unforgiving, jealous, and bitter. I had a prideful heart and I was ungrateful. I cheated others, I was a very bad person.”

Then, Brandy was arrested and charged for sex trafficking. While behind bars serving a ten year sentence, she hit rock bottom. “I had depression,” she says. “I had tried to commit suicide many times but God did not let me do it. I was tired of being a slave. I wanted to be a better person. I wanted to change. I wanted God to guide me from the bad way to the good way.”

Brandy was not sure how to do this until, one day, she heard a Gospel song being played and she heard the good message of Jesus’s love and His sacrifice of dying on a cross to save her from her sins.

“I now attend prison church services and I found the way to salvation,” she smiles. “I decided to become a Christian. Now, I love people and I am no longer bitter. I love to communicate with God via prayer.”

Brandy shares that after committing her life to God, and making Him her friend, she hopes to one day achieve her dreams of having a good job and living in her own house.

Today, she puts God before everything else and is encouraged by His words of wisdom from the Bible. “God is powerful. God is merciful. God is my Saviour. God gives me passion and guidance,” she joyfully concludes.

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