by Michael Ireland (Assist News)

Dealing trauma the deciding blow

More than 130 people die daily in the United States after overdosing with opioids or heroin. The misuse of and addiction to opioids—including prescription pain relievers, heroin, and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl, has risen to epidemic proportions.

Psychologist Paul F. Singh has written a new book, Disruptive Hope: What Your Therapist Never Told You, which seeks to address the root causes of these addictions.

PTSD/trauma and addiction psychologist Paul F. Singh shows how most traditional counseling therapy fails people. It generally targets only 25% of a person's story.

"That is like seeking surgery that only removed just one-fourth of a cancer," he says.

Paul not only insightfully addresses the 25% — he skillfully unveils the missing 75% of therapy.

He says that if you're trying to fill the hole in the human spirit with an addiction to alcohol, opioids, heroin, food, sex, phone or screen addictions, "you really need to read this book and find help and hope in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ."

Paul Singh
Addiction psychologist, author and cancer survivor Paul Singh.

"By understanding 100% of their pain and what they're doing with it, people will no longer just be managing their tip of the iceberg symptoms. They'll be healing from the inside out. This is true healing, that will reshape your brain and life patterns. God can unlock your passion, gifts and purpose at a cellular level so your life makes a bold statement of love, power and greatness!"

Sixty-year-old Paul is a noted international expert on addictions and lectures to international neuropsychiatrists on the topics of neuroplasticity (changing your brain at any age) and cellular memory healing (how to erase negative emotions).

He came to Christ in 1977 through the ministry of the Navigators at the University of Minnesota. He then went on to do theological training.

"This book is my legacy self-help book to equip caregivers in biblical counseling and for non-Christians to see the hope and healing offered by Jesus," he said.

Paul's goals for the book are:

  • To help people understand that to experience lasting change on the outside you need to first heal from the inside out.
  • For people to see and taste stories of authentic hope to clarify that our primary three goals in life are to love God, others and ourselves and to not be distracted by the latest cultural enticements.
  • To bring the love and power of God back into a godless culture that has turned their back on Christianity.

Paul is a prostate cancer survivor and understands suffering and chronic pain.

"I was 6-12 months away from being put in a coffin. Today, I live in deep gratitude, surrender and worship to a God who has rooted me and grounded me in His love so I can live daily in the power of the Holy Spirit [invisible presence of God]," he said.

Paul told Assist News he thinks we are living in a helpless and hopeless generation that has lost its sense of security.

"I see a lot of people who are living in anxiety and depression and have lost their hope to the point of suicidal tendencies. I am praying that we learn how to build a new foundation that is rooted and established in God's love and will live new lives in His power. I pray too that my book brings many back to the sustaining love of Jesus Christ regardless of their current painful circumstances."

He hopes that readers will learn that they are deeply loved by God no matter what they have done and will understand the Gospel [good news of Jesus] in a compelling way through the book.

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