Family remembers best Christmas gift ever

Baby with no kidneys lives on to enjoy Christmas…and then some!

Beutler family

We all like a good Christmas present, but Herrera Beutler had her best one ever when her daughter Abigail first came out of hospital – for Christmas.

Abigail Beutler, now five, is alive today because her parents refused to give up on her.

She is the first known baby to survive outside the womb without kidneys, a condition called Potter's syndrome.

Doctors told Herrera, a US Congresswoman, that her baby would die, and advised an abortion.

But she and husband Dan believe in a God who answers prayer, so the devastated couple asked family, friends and churches to pray for Abigail.

In 2013, pregnant Herrera and Dan had gone to what they thought was a normal prenatal check-up, thinking they would learn the gender of their first child.

They were in for a shock.

Herrera told Life News: "They took us into a back room and just said, 'There is nothing that can be done. Your baby is going to die.'"

Dan Beutler said abortion never crossed their mind; they just knew that they had to try to save Abigail.

The family shared their tragic news publicly and asked for prayer.

Those prayers were answered when someone who had read the story in a newspaper contacted the Beutlers and told them about an experimental treatment that could save their daughter.

The Beutlers approached many different hospitals before one agreed to discuss the idea. Even then, it took a lot of urging before doctors agreed to try the treatment.

The procedure was successful and Abigail was born in July, 2013, and in December was allowed home for Christmas.

For the first two years of her life, Abigail was on dialysis, until February 2016 when she was big enough to receive a kidney from her father.

Speaking at the 2018 March for Life in the USA, Herrera said: "Today, we have come together to say – there's hope! For every expectant mother who has been given a devastating diagnosis. For every woman who feels fear, anger, or anxiety because she does not know how she can afford to care for a child. For every woman who feels hopeless: God loves you. For every baby given up on by status quo: God still does miracles."

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