Fraudster finds the Rock of truth

 Malefetsane Motaung

Malefetsane Motaung, known as Tau, grew up in a background filled with church services and prayer encouraged by his parents. However, all this religious practice didn't make any difference in his life because he had no relationship with Jesus.

While he followed rules and regulations to find favour with God, he struggled to come to grips with what it means to be a Christian.

"I did not understand much of what I read in the Bible," says Tau, "I listened to the stories told from the Bible but they did not make sense to me. I could not understand how they happened."

He ended up in jail after committing fraud.

"I used fuel cards of state cars for my own private benefit," he confesses, "My life was self-driven and self-centred."

Tau also struggled with sexual immorality and greed.

"I could not find or have a stable relationship. This ended up with me having three children with three different women."

While in prison, serving a seven-year sentence, Tau hit rock-bottom. "I felt lonely. Everyone was so far away from me and I needed them."

A ministry group came to the prison and shared the Gospel [good news of Jesus saving us from our sins] with the prisoners. Tau was encouraged by the message of hope.

"I realised that there was only one Rock to whom I could go," he says. "I wanted a life free from sin."

So, Tau confessed his sins to Jesus. "I know that God has forgiven me and that I am a new person in Jesus Christ."

Since then, his life has changed dramatically. "God has restored my life. I am able to praise God and praise Him to others. I am able to forgive those who have done wrong to me. I know God will always be there for me."

His favourite Bible verse comes from 2 Corinthians 12:9, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."

"God helped me realise and see the difference between right and wrong," he smiles. "I have no problems now like before. I trust in God and He leads in the way I should go."

To others who have not yet met Jesus, Tau encourages, "Jesus Christ is the Rock you can really stand on, He is a sure foundation. It's never too late to turn to Him. You will be comforted though all sorts of difficulties and problems if you do."

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