Armed robber surrenders

Mondo Mahlaba
Mondo Mahlaba used to terrorize innocent people, but now she is a blessing to those around her.

Nthabiseng Judy Mahlaba, better known as Mondo, tragically lost her parents when she was only six years old.

"I stayed with my grandmother [until] she passed away when I was eighteen," she says. "After, I started to drink and use drugs and become aggressive."

As well as drinking alcohol and using drugs, Mondo "ran after boys." At the age of 20, she fell pregnant but her relationship with the baby's father was not an easy one.

"My boyfriend was abusing me," she recalls. "He was beating me like he was in a boxing ring. I started to hate people. I joined a gang."

When Mondo joined the gang, she used a gun to rob people. "I was aggressive and I was not scared to point a gun at innocent people," she says. "After that, I ended up in prison."

Sentenced to prison for eight years for robbery, Mondo realised that something needed to change in her life.

"I was tired of this [life]," she explains. "I wanted to be a new person. I needed God to help me. I was thinking about my child and was in need of help for my boy."

Mondo admits that she did not know about God prior to her prison sentence. "I didn't know about God – since I was born. I was working for Satan so I wanted to change," she tells Challenge.

Through the church services held in her prison, Mondo has been able to learn about Jesus and how He died for her sins on the cross. She has committed her life to Him and has been filled with His joy and peace.

"I wanted God to change my life," she states. "The Gospel [story of Jesus saving us from our sins] made me change. Jesus is my Saviour. I want to stay with Jesus. He is my light."

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