Escaping the evil of drugs

Simon Teboho
Simon Teboho

"Drugs are an evil spirit that nearly destroyed my life!"

Prisoner Simon Teboho has no doubt about that.

"My addiction to drugs turned me into a thief. I started breaking into houses to steal whatever I could so that I could have money to feed my habit," he says.

"Drugs broke up my relationships and landed me in prison. I lost so many of my loved ones. Drugs are really evil."

Simon did not begin life this way; in fact he used to attend church with his family all through his childhood. But his parents' death in 1996 while he was still in primary school, traumatised the young boy and he spiralled into bad behaviour and bad company.

He graduated from high school, but only just, and his poor marks made it difficult for him to continue with his studies or find work.

"I started to make new friends but they were no good for me," Simon says. I began to smoke and take drugs and I forgot all about Jesus Christ."

Jesus Christ, however, did not forget about him. While in prison for housebreaking, Simon attended Bible study groups which re-ignited his love for God.

"When I did the Bible study it opened my heart to God again," he says with a wide smile. "Only God can feed your heart and your spirit. He is the great God.

"He is the creator of the world and brings peace and harmony to our lives. He is always with me; there is nowhere I can go without Him by my side. He knows us from even before we are born and protects us from evil. Because of Him I don't fear evil any more."

Most importantly, Simon is fully convinced that God loves him and, in the absence of his parents, that knowledge has given him much joy and reassurance.

"Jesus loved me so much He died for me," Simon says joyfully. "I belong to Him now and I have salvation, eternal life.

"Now I know I am not on Earth to do bad things. God did not give me a bad purpose. He gave me a good purpose and I want to tell others He loves them and can heal them."

A Bible verse that has helped Simon has been Mark 4:23 – "If anyone has ears to hear, let them hear."

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