Left for dead he found life

Jack Devarajoo
Jack Devarajoo still suffers after his brush with death.

In January 2012 Jack Devarajoo from Ashville was attacked at home and left for dead. It was three days before he was found locked in his room.

In hospital he was told that he would die. He had to undergo an emergency brain operation due to his severe injuries. Afterwards he was on a ventilator for two weeks. When it was turned off, Jack's family were told to prepare for his funeral.

Five surgeons had declared him clinically dead. However, through the ordeal, even though he couldn't move or talk, Jack remembers lying in a dark room and silently begging God to spare his life and save him spiritually. "Lord, You know best and I need You to save my life," he prayed.

"God came through for me. He touched me and He gave me back my life," Jack declares.

The surgeons were astonished that he survived and not only survived but was able to walk and talk. Now eight years later, Jack says that he feels he gets stronger and stronger each day. Although he still struggles with his speech, he is teaching Sunday School and working with the local youth group.

"I can do everything that a normal person does and it is because of Jesus. I want to give Him all praise and glory and honour for restoring my life."

"This whole ordeal has taught me one thing: God unconditionally loves me. It has drawn me closer to Him."

Jack sees the assault as discipline from the Lord for the kind of life he was living before. "I was doing some terrible things and had gone far from God. He disciplined me to bring me back into His fold and I am so, so grateful."

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