Psychic’s choice: the Truth or the familiar

As a New Age psychic, David Leone's life was filled with supernatural and unusual encounters but none as powerful as his experience in a tiny church in his early twenties, as he reveals in a Youtube clip on his OmegaofApostasy channel.

David Leone
David Leone

David and his two brothers grew up in the seventies, basically raising themselves after his "screwed up, dysfunctional" parents spilt up and his mother kept trying to recapture her youth.

She got into psychic readings and spiritualism, while his father went off and pursued his college career, never paying child support.

Trying to survive on just a waitress's salary was difficult; the family was kicked out of several rentals, moved around a lot and the boys ended up hanging out with the marginalised kids at school and bikies.

After high school David went to the navy, where he found new friends and horizons, but also reengaged with spiritualism and got involved with rock musicians and the occult.

After leaving the navy, David, now married, got in with a rough crowd involved in drugs and gangs, and was nearly arrested. He then found out his wife was having an affair. David felt his life was chaotic and filled with drama.

"I had a lot of turmoil inside me, so I reverted back to the occult," he says. He was running a business, studying and playing in a band. All these pressures, together with all the violence, adultery and betrayal, became a perfect storm that pushed him over the edge mentally into a breakdown, he relates.

That was when he cried out to God asking if there was any objective truth, as all he had known was subjective relativism. He had never been exposed to the Bible or church or anything that taught him that there was absolute truth.

"I cried out day and night. For four months actually," he remembers. A neighbour told him that she believed God was a person with whom one could have a relationship, which David thought was a crazy idea.

About Easter that year, he felt he couldn't deal with there being no right and wrong, or black and white, or true and false. He planned to end his misery with a bullet to the brain. At about 12.30 pm, just as he was telling himself to pull the trigger, there was a knock at the door. It was his mother, with whom he did not really have a relationship, and who had never visited him before.

They went out to dinner. David never told her that her visit saved his life.

After this, several things happened that he could only attribute to divine intervention. For instance, once, when he was feeling very low, David heard God tell him, "I'm going to take care of everything and it's all going to be alright."

Another was when he felt God say clearly to him, "David, My way and My way only."

"It was a clarifying moment. I just knew this was the God who created all things," he recalls.

David Leone then
David Leone as a young man

A guy at work, Danny, kept saying to David "God loves you!" every time he saw him.

An ex-psychic who had come to faith in Jesus, told David, "God wants you. You might think being a Christian is boring, but it's not."

David was by this time a well-established clairvoyant and operated powerfully with 'second sight'.

Another psychic, whom David was consulting to try to get his wife back, told him to stop talking to God and Christians because it was messing up her "astral plain". Even though David had told her nothing of his search for God.

"You're not coming back here, are you?" she added. "No," he told her.

David experienced the choice before him like two doors: one familiar door behind which was the occult with all the things he knew, but which he understood would ultimately kill him; and one door behind which was only a hand [belonging to God], which he would have to take in faith, forfeiting all his foresight. That second door felt clean and holy and pure and right but scarily unfamiliar.

David ended up attending a tiny church where he heard powerful truths about Jesus Christ and responded when the preacher invited, "If you have cried out for truth, God is holding out His arms and telling you to come to Him."

David chose to give up his friends, his business and his own designs for his life, and become God's man. He studied the Bible and got baptised [immersed in water as an outward sign of dying to his old life]. He says his desire for drugs and alcohol evaporated.

Following his life change, David spent a year in Sweden before going back to San Jose and working with teenagers with mental health issues, which he has been doing for many years.

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