Abandoned boy at last finds love

Julius Mosoeu

Julius Mosoeu was always angry because he had been abandoned by his parents as a young child, which he discovered when he found out he had been adopted.

His life was marked by bad behaviour such as drinking alcohol, drugs, rape, robbery and break-ins. He got into lots of fights. So he ended up being in and out of prison for as long as he can remember.

"I am in prison today because of my temper," Julius acknowledges.

Sentenced to 18 years, Julius was fortunate to get out after serving 10 years of that sentence, but re-offended and ended up back inside after being caught during a robbery.

"I consistently struggled with sexual immorality, alcoholism, various crimes, lying and jealousy," Julius admits. "I did a lot of wrong things to innocent people."

Julius started to see that his life needed to change. "I felt the need for God because I finally realised that I wanted to live with my community and to help others. I knew I needed to change," he shares.

"I was in my cell when another inmate told me that God loves me, so I went to the prison church service. It was there that I prayed to ask Jesus to take over my life, lead me and help me to change," says Julius.

"I decided to become a Christian because I wanted to be like my friends out there. They have houses and they have work. They work for their families. That is the kind of life I want now. I want to have a family.

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"I prayed to God to give me a family so I can live for them by working and providing for them.

"Since I became a Christian God has helped me love and respect other people. Now I want to help those people who need help," says Julius

It has not been easy for Julius to overcome his past life of violence and addictions. "I was addicted to drugs and other inmates in prison smoked near me so I was very tempted to go back to drugs," Julius admits. "It was very hard for me to quit but God helped me to conquer my addictions.

"I want to tell other prisoners we must change. We must live at peace in our community and with our families and parents."

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