Even ‘good’ boys need Good News

Ludwig and Lea Schimper
Ludwig Schimper and his wife Lea at a Christian conference in 2018.

Even though Ludwig Schimper had a stable upbringing and a good family life, he struggled with bad habits until, one day, he found a way to break them.

"I grew up in a Christian house," he says. "I was blessed with good parents who knew Jesus. I also did a Christian home schooling program."

However, no one is without mistakes, as Ludwig explains, "Before I met Jesus, I had bad habits such as being selfish and arrogant."

He says that he heard the Gospel regularly "in various places" but never realised his own need for a Saviour until he went away on a youth camp.

"While I was attending the youth camp, the pastor spoke on eternity [life after death] and this challenged me as to where I am going when I die," Ludwig recalls. "I realised I was a sinner, in need of a Saviour, and repented!"

When he gave his heart to Jesus, "my pride was broken and my arrogance wiped out."

"The hardest thing [in the Christian walk] is facing the onslaught of the enemy [Satan]," Ludwig declares, before adding that it is all worth it. "The best part is having Jesus walk with me."

To others who are seeking freedom and truth, Ludwig explains that the real deal is in Jesus Christ: "He seeks a real and lasting relationship with us and He is waiting for you."

Ludwig's favourite Bible passage is Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengths me."

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