Her rage turned to love

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In spite of being raised in a good home with love and care, Katlego Moeketsi's continued alcohol abuse and anger issues had her family concerned. Before long, they had kicked her out of home and took out a protection order against her.

Katlego, known by friends and family as Kat, says that her wild behaviour stemmed from the fact that she had no father growing up. "Despite this my childhood upbringing was excellent," she tells Challenge.

"My family was there for me in every way. I attended church frequently. Even though I did not have a father present in my life, I regarded my uncles as my fathers. They brought me up with such excellence. I had no complaints whatsoever, until I was told by the community about my father."

Kat is very vague about what she was told concerning her father. However, it threw her life off track in a deep, dark way. Before long she was heavily addicted to alcohol.

"My family tried to get me the help that I needed," she says. "I went to a rehabilitation centre twice. If I had put God before myself I would have gotten help but it was not that way. That's why I failed at rehab and ended up in prison."

Kat had a family background that involved religion and knew a little bit about God. However, she did not understand how to have a personal relationship with Him.

Then, Kat's mother passed away and family life took a different turn. "I was out of control and drinking every day, non-stop," she explains. "Many negative people blamed me for what happened to my mother. I believed it too. I developed a lot of rage and anger. My family took out a protection order because of the life I was living. They threw me out of the only place I called home."

Now serving a two year sentence in prison for violating her protection order, Kat admits that she feels empty and lonely sometimes, especially when trying to sleep.

The major thing that preoccupies her thoughts are her two children, aged two and 10. "I miss them so much and worry a lot about what they are doing without me and my late mother; but I know they are well taken care of by my grandmother."

Soon after she was put behind bars, Kat started going to the church services held in the jail. She learnt more about God and how to have a relationship with Him. Then, she decided to commit her life to Him and became a born-again [spiritually renewed] Christian. She has since put "everything in God's hands."

"My life changed for the better," she smiles. "I found peace. I know prison is not a good place to be in, but for me, I have become a better person because of it. I could not control my anger and rage but now I love, especially my family. I love my Bible more than ever. I can easily relate to people now. I have learned how to pray and it is a beautiful feeling."

Kat continues, "We have different church services here in jail and I attend most of them. My weight has changed. I'm eating healthy. I feel better. My family has changed. My granny comes often to visit me. Before, I did not think it was possible. The love of God is real."

One of Kat's favourite Bible verses comes from John 14:6, "Jesus said, 'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'"

"God has worked wonders in my life. Honestly, life without God is nothing."

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