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Beauty and kindness defy evolution

Writing for The Federalist, Glenn T. Stanton notes the "extravagant beauty" in nature that defies evolutionary explanation. His article describes in detail the contradictory ways Charles Darwin and other evolutionists have tried to explain beauty that does not seem to serve any evolutionary purpose.


Yale University's Richard Prum's theory is captured in his simple phrase 'beauty happens'. The bottom line is that naturalistic evolutionists have no compelling explanation for what Stanton calls their "most persistent problem."

The same can be said of humans who perform deeds of sacrificial kindness and care. If evolutionary theory is right in claiming that survival optimization is our basic drive, then why is this person taking such risks? If survival of the species is the explanation, then why isn't everyone doing the same?

Here's the biblical response: when we care for others simply because we care for them, we express a vestige of the divine image in which we are created.

God loves us because "God is love" (1 John 4:8). He loves us because it is his very nature to love, not because we have done or can do anything to deserve his love. When we love through service that is not earned and comes at great personal cost, we act as creatures who reflect the nature of God, our Creator.

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